Sealants & protective coatings

Joint Sealants:

Waterseal are one of the leading UK joint sealant applicators and are members of the Joint Sealant Association.

Sealants are typically used in factory floors, brick work expansion joints and as a perimeter seal to doors, windows and sanitary ware.

Waterseal can provide advice on the suitability and performance of various types of sealants to ensure the selected product is fit for purpose and provides the client with their desired aesthetics.


Waterseal are able to offer a range of coatings to provide high levels of protection to a variety of structures which include; car parks, bridges and any building suffering from the potential intrusion of harmful contaminants.

These technically advanced protective coatings can be applied both by hand and by specialist spray equipment.

An example of such a coating for the surface impregnation of concrete to protect against salts and chlorides, typically applied to bridges and car parks, is the Repelwb40 which is a highways approved product. (This can only be applied by approved contractors).

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Other coatings offered by Waterseal include anti-graffiti and anti-carbonisation systems.

Carbonation is a wide spread problem associated with many concrete structures and by preventing the exposure embedded reinforcement to moisture and oxygen , using anti-carbonation coatings, it can be prevented.

As well as these coatings offering considerable protection to structures, they can be pigmented in a wide variety of colours to transform the areas where required.

This can be particular appropriate in basement or covered car parks where such applications can also dramatically improve the efficiency of the existing lighting system allowing less energy to be used whilst providing a more pleasant and safe environment to be created.

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