Car park roof coatings

Utilising a range of state of the art, multi-layered, lightweight waterproofing systems, Waterseal is able to provide guaranteed protection to your car parking structure, as well as dramatically transforming its appearance.

Specifically designed for installation onto the roof levels of your multi-storey car park, these technically advanced, deck coating systems, incorporate an elastomeric membrane. Spray applied by one of our specialist plural component, hot spray units, such a delivery technique allows ease of detailing, a seamless and monolithic seal, with excellent crack bridging capabilities being achieved.

In conjunction with these spray applied elastomeric membranes, are a range of preconditioning coats which allow most substrates to be overlaid and a range of UV stable, pigmented, wear courses, which can be trafficked shortly after application. These top coats are extremely durable and by introducing various grades of aggregate, high slip resistance levels can be achieved.

These roof deck systems, as with the majority of systems Waterseal install, are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful VOCs or solvents.

roofdeck coating4

Incorporated in the services offered by Waterseal are expansion joint installation, surface preparation, captive shot blasting, surface planning/surface regulation, substrate repair and line markings.

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