Basement tanking


Waterseal can offer a wide range of tanking systems to waterproof the basements and foundations of various types of structures.

Using specialist products Waterseal can tank basements from either the negative, which would typically be internal works on existing structures or externally during the construction of the structure, which is termed as positive tanking.

Waterproofing can be applied to pre or post concreting works depending on the specific site constraints and specification.

Materials applied to the negative, or internal elevations tend to be cementitous based and can be flexible or rigid and either spray or hand applied.

Materials applied to the positive, or external elevations can be spray applied, sheet membranes, drainage systems, or systems which are installed prior to concreting to form a permanent bond with the concrete slab.

Waterseal are members of the British Structural Waterproofing Association and are able to offer ten year insurance backed guarantees on tanking contracts if requested.

Gas Barriers:

Waterseal also has experienced applicators who can also carry out the installation of carbon dioxide, methane and radon barriers which are laid prior to floor construction on sites which are found to contain traces of these gases.

Using a variety of specialist systems installation times can be fast with the systems providing a robust solution in both domestic and commercial situations.

Passive venting can also be installed in conjunction with gas barriers to allow gases trapped beneath to membrane to escape.

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